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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: pizza shop murder. a man dies trying to protect his friend from mass robbers. tonight, his killers are on the loose. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. one teen is under arrest in the robbery gone wrong but right now, three other suspects are still out there and wanted by police. suzanne collins spoke with the pizza store owner who witnessed the whole thing. stew zan? >> reporter: adam, the victim is a young man who was visiting a female clerk who worked at the pizza store. police say when the arounded men came in, he told them to leave and he was shot. there is a shrine set up in
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honor of the murder victim outside mr. wings and pizza in glen burnie. a 20-year-old was shot to death there in an apparent robbery attempt while visiting a female employee. the shop owner said four assailants had masks. >> we were working in the kitchen. then i heard the knife. i come outside and i see the one guy with a gun in his hand and he told me, you go back. and i just stepped back and he shot him. >> reporter: anne arundel county arrested vincent bunker, 17 years old. the victim born in the u.s. is the son of salvadoran immigrants. he worked for two years at gibson island country club. >> it's hard to believe. i still don't believe it. he's doing all this and i just can't accept it. he's not here no more. >> he's a very cool guy. >> reporter: ironically, flores would have been 21 just hours after his murder. his friends poured out a beer
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in his honor in front of the shrine that was constructed. >> we still pay him the respect to have the last beer. >> we should be having fun today. >> reporter: en stead there is deep sadness over flores' murder. police say of the four armed robbers or i should say two of them had firearms. back to you on tv hill, adam. >> and three are still at large. that 17-year-old is charged as an adult with first degree murder. we're following two breaking stories right now. a man was just shot moments ago in the stomach near first mariner arena. also, another man was also stabbed blocks away from patterson park. police responded to the 400 block of southeast avenue a short time ago. homicide detectives are on the scene and there's no word on that victim's identity. a man out for a bike ride has been run over by a car. police say 21-year-old robert
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share are a was struck in glen burnie. detectives believe that he rode his bike against a red light and the driver was unable to stop. police have now identified a child killed by a car many baltimore. detectives say 7-year-old javom billinger was crossing the street with other children and one adult when he was hit. investigators believe the boy darted in front of the car and say the driver probably never saw him. some new details tonight in the arrest of a powerful maryland politician. we're learning more about a specific development that could be tide to the corruption allegations. >> reporter: prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife arrested on corruption charges. their home raided hours after a wiretapped conversation. the fbi claims they discussed a $100,000 check from the developer. lesses said you want me to put it down the toilet?
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jack responded yes, flush that. moments later, the johnsons discussed almost $80,000 this cash. johnson allegedly told his wife to hide the money in her bra. >> i'm the elected county executive and i said earlier that when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt that i am going to be vindicated. >> reporter: charges may be linked to a development near the green belt metro station. in a separate civil case, a hotel owner claims johnson solicited bribes. >> we're doing all this voting, and the people who we selecting are doing us not right. >> reporter: at a popular barber shop in the county, constituents are outraged. >> i know him personally. obviously if these allegations are true, i'm terribly disappointed that he's fallen to temptation. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the arrest of county executive jack johnson for the latest on the
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investigation. just log on to quite the inconvenience, hundreds of people spent the day without water in baltimore county. a water main break caused severe damage on denfeld road. crews worked all day to repair the 12 inch main. late tonight, just hours ago, the department of public works reports water has been restored but homeowners should take some precautionary steps. >> you have to remember when the water comes back, it may be cloudy. take the air rater off the faucet and let the water run for five, ten minutes and it should clear. >> quite the after-math here. crews say the road will be closed until at least the middle of next week and drivers will have to find a detour around it. major concern on campus. two students held at knife point at loyola university. gigi barnett explains it's the latest in a string of robberies at local colleges that have students on edge. >> reporter: it happened thursday evening at the
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community college of baltimore county essex campus. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene as police say a man walked up to a female student and robbed her at gunpoint. now students who say they were never told are concerned. >> they tell teachers but not students. if one should know, they all should know. >> reporter: that student isn't alo en. another armed robbery happened at towson university. this time a student at a bank atm loses his cash. towson security sent campus wide text messages to students and teachers. then thursday night, robbers mugged loyola university students and beat up another who tried to help. >> as they crossed the parking lot, they were confronted by two individuals who demanded money and jewelry. those individuals were brandishing knives and obviously threatened the victims. >> i don't feel safe. it's awful. where the incident happened is right there and we do that walk all the time. >> reporter: tonight, security
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at loyola is high. >> it's their home and they need to feel safe. >> reporter: while loyola has beefed up security and placed students on alert it's working with the other universities to make sure the robberies are not related. in baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, "eyewitness news." >> we checked with police and they are searching for suspects in all of the robberies. there is a new caution for maryland drivers. there is another speed camera taking your pictures. college park is act straight its first cameras. soon it will be dishing out $40 fines. the new camera will be working on monday. the city plans to add several additional cameras including route 1 and university boulevard. tonight, baltimore's mourning the loss of a mentor. boxing trainer mack lewis has pass add way at the age of 92. for more than a half a century, he taught thousands of young baltimore men to box and
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counselled them on -- counselled them on life. in a few hours, president obama will wrap you have his trip overseas but he comes home to an ongoing power strug until washington. tonight, terrell brown has the latest. >> reporter: president obama and russian president dimitri medvedev agreed to work together on security issue. >> i reiterated my commitment to get the stark treaty done during the lame duck session and i communicated to congress that it is a top priority. >> reporter: the meeting in japan comes as the president ends his ten-day asian tour. it is a trip that didn't always go as he hoped. president obama cut a new trade deal with india but couldn't nail down ape free trade agreement with south korea. he again pushed his idea that expanding trade with asia will create jobs in america. >> what happens in japan or
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china or indonesia also has a direct effect on the lives and fortunes of the american people. >> reporter: president obama returns to washington sunday. he'll land just as republicans prepare to take control of the house. >> the american people have sent their government a clear message. they want us to focus on jobs. >> reporter: both have to deal with the bush era tax cuts that expire at the end of the year. president obama says the nation can't afford to make them permanent. he wants to extend the tax cuts for americans who make under $200,000 a year. >> the white house is very much looking to make a deal. they don't want a fight over a tax increase right after they lost the house. >> reporter: it's a battle between president obama and lawmakers that will play out in the days ahead. in new york, terrell brown, wjz "eyewitness news." >> it will be a tough battle without a deal. all of the cuts could expire in january bringing significant tax increases for families at
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every income level. still to come on wjz's "eyewitness news" tonight. say i do or else. a money's shocking actions after his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal. four people missing for four days. the search tonight for two women and two children as police reveal new evidence. and is the tsa getting too touchy? some growing outrage over what you could experience the next time you head to the airport. heart disease in high school students? it happens more often than you think. how one doctor and his team are trying to make a difference next on wjz. i'm bernadette woods. after an amazing stretch of weather, a new storm is on the way. we'll have the details coming up in the first warning forecast after this break. ,,
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it's a chilly 40 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a family is found dead in pennsylvania. detectives believe a man shot and killed his wife along with her 4 and 7-year-old daughters. a 2-year-old boy survived. he's being treated at the hospital right now. police don't know what may have pushed the man to do this. a bloody scene but no signs of a family missing since wednesday. police in central ohio continue the search tonight for a 32- year-old woman and her two children and a friend. today police said they found an
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unusual amount of blood in the family home. police also say there is no indication that the family was abducted. a marriage proposal turns violent in california. police say a man wrote the words will you marry me on his car. when his girlfriend said no, he jumped behind the wheel and tried running her over. witnesses say he missed but almost hit another woman in the parking lot. >> i could see from the window a car coming down the street at full speed. >> the car just came flying all the way to the property. >> she looked like she was franticcally scared for her life. >> the driver you see here faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. the couple does already have two children. the investigation into the cairn malval cruise ship fire hits rough waters. right now, the splendor is sitting idle in san diego after 4500 passengers and crew endured three days without electricity, showers or hot food. originally u.s. authorities planned to lead the
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investigation but turns out the ship is registered in panama so that country will ask the questions first. critics say carnival is trying to avoid the tougher regulations here in the u.s. how much is too much? that's the big question over new airport security hears the tts adoing more patdowns. travelers who fail a full body scan like here at bwi can expect examinations to the genitals and breasts. he swindled thousands and now his luxury lifestyle is up for sale. some of bernie madoff's prized possessions sold at auction in new york today. his grand piano sold for $40,000, so did his rolex. people bid on his monogrammed slippers and bomber shorts. the 10.5 die manned engagement ring he gave to his wife
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brought in the biggest profit, $550,000. proceeds will be divided up among the people cheated in madoff's investment schemes. when you hear of heart disease, you imagine someone older or overweight or a smoker. tonight, mike schuh reports a hopkins researcher istrying to protect an unlikely group of targets. >> reporter: at an event for thousands of city students to choose their high school next year, amidst this hubbub, stands a man with an enviable education and mission to help these kids. >> ted abraham, umm a cardiologist at johns hopkins. there are conditions in children that could predispose them to not just heart disease later in life which is what we're doing today, looking for high cholesterol, diabetes and things they were born with that could cause them it tie suddenly. >> reporter: that's when these people come many. the kids' blood it tested,
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pressure checked. >> i'm not too worried about my heart. >> i want to check it out. >> heart problems run in my family so i want to make sure everything is okay. when they find problems it's due to genetics or social economic issues. >> we're hoping to give them the access to health care and give them the knowledge. >> reporter: mike schuh, wjz "eyewitness news." >> that hopkins group is already planning for next year's heart screening. wrapping up a day of beautiful fall weather here in central maryland perfect for a trip to the park or even football in cockeysville. we found plenty of people exercising outside leaving the sweat suits at home jogging under sunny skies. boy how things can change in a matter of a few hours because it got downright cold out there tonight. >> believe it or not, we're getting closer to averages. we've been so far above them that we lose perspective. >> up and down so much lately.
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>> it really has been crazy. as far as today goes, we topped out at 65 degrees. the average is 57. that's when i'm talking about. these are dropping quickly but we've been so far above them that we forget what the averages are. so we are dropping and it is cool outside. you need your jacket as adam was saying. 36 in cumberland. 39 at the ocean. and the thing that's going to change over the next day or so is a storm will approach us. tomorrow, the winds turn around to the southeast ahead of that storm. this is the storm we're talking about. it's a much bigger storm to the west than what it's going to be when it moves our way. tack a look on the northern side. all of that cold air is snow on the northern side of the storm. what we're going to experience is this part of the storm is coming up from the south as it moves our way. so patchy clouds as we head into monday, and just a chance for a shower. then there's the second storm that's going to follow that one. this will have a lot more moisture with it. there's the first one that
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scoots by. doesn'tly knock down our temperatures all that much. it's the second storm that will come our way tuesday that brings a much better chance for rain and eventually behind it is when we are going to cool down. so tomorrow, patchy clouds out there ahead of the storm. even on monday additional clouds as the storm passes by. tuesday brings us the best chances of rain for the next couple of days. behind that, that's when the cooler air will follow. out on the waters with us going on, southeast winds 5 to 10 knots. just incredible there. forecast goes like this tonight. we're going to drop into the 30s. the seasonably chill write out there. we'll see the clouds moving in during the day tomorrow. we're going back into the 60s for another day. it's on monday that the first one passes by with a chance for the shower with it. still 60s. possibly heavy rain
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and still in the upper 50s with it. then a third storm comes through on thursday, chance for a few sures with that. eventually, the temperatures are coming down. so make sure you get a chance to enjoy tomorrow. check in with "eyewitness news" at 8:00 a.m. with the updated first warning forecast. first up in sports tonight, high school football among all kinds of highlights. stan will have details and a lot more when we come back. ,,,,
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lots to talk about tonight. >> yes shall and maryland terps fans happier than happy. nice rebounding describes the university of maryland's football victory over virginia and the three-game win streak. in charlottesville today, senior day. however, terps freshman d.j. just stole the show running not for one or two but three
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touchdowns. he and the now 7-3 terps 4-2 in the acc maintain control of a chance to play in the first ever acc championship behind another two touchdown tosses and that scoring run. the terps win 32-23. they can outright win the atlantic division berth by winning the final regular season games both at home versus florida state and north carolina state. here at home, johns hopkins hosted mcdaniel. mcdaniel still trailing 24-10. quarterback hewlett with 340 yards today. there's a big chunk. hopkins clinches at least a share of the centennial conference title. hopkins beats mcdaniel 34-10. meantime, central michigan visiting navy in annapolis and their bull of a fullback
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alexander pete. i like him. he scored twice. navy leading by one and chippewas scored but missed the two point conversion for the win allowing the navy mid- shipmen to escape 38-37. got that local prep football for you region aa city matchup for you. a quarterback and thieving defensiveback. in the end, after the 240 pound trey james sent through mighty ducks cruising for a bruising. city rolls big time 46-20. >> you know it's literally over the river and through the woods to the state high school cross country championships we go. hartford county, your new champion aaaa high school. >> my last chance, and i just got a good kick in. it felt great.
11:26 pm
>> chris out of germantown, maryland, winning time 16 minutes 8 seconds. >> that's good. >> did you watch the video at the end of what they look like after running cross country? >> exhausted. >> did you see that one getting up off the ground and another one headed to the ground? still to come on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, the lost photos. never before seen pictures of the beatles. where they showed up and how to find them now coming up. ,,,,,,,
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show you everyone in baltimore should be thankful you don't live in minnesota. check this out. people there are dealing with the first major winter storm of the season. the twin cities have an impressive amount of snow already. around 11 inches of snow fell in the st. paul and minneapolis area. you can see there are people dredging through that white stuff once again. the winter storm warning continues. it is not over yet. it's still gonna snow there until 6:00 tomorrow morning. unlike here, you see what they do there. the buses are still running and people are still out doing their thing. never before seen photos of the beatles are now on display. you will find these pictures at uc berkeley. they were taken in 1968 as part of a publicity shoot for the beatles white album. pictures that have never been seen before. the photographer went gnat moviemaking industry and stored the pictures for all of these years. for some unknown reason, he just decided to break them out and put them on display.
11:31 pm
they will be shown through january. if you happen to be in the uc berkeley area, then again you can probably check them out on the internet. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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real quick, we want to update the breaking news about a shooting on the 200 blog of west baltimore street. we know one person was shot there in the stomach. homicide detectives have been called there to the scene. we don't have an update on the victim's condition or any word on a motive or suspects in custody. there have been other shootings in that general vicinity tonight of baltimore and a stabbing over on the east side. so a lot for police to handle tonight. we'll bring you updates tomorrow on "eyewitness news"


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